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    Nepal is a country surrounded by the Himalayas, hills and the plain land. Most of the people live in the remote part of the country, who are below the poverty line due to lack of education, geographical isolation and lack of development of the fundamental needs. Children and infants’ mothers are dying untimely in the lack of nutritional foods. Though…

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    Contribute to create a favourable environment to get access to education for the poor, Dalits and marginalized groups. Offer qualitative education for the appropriate development. Arrange health camps and free medicines, regarding the poor health services. Help to create public awareness to reduce social problems. Help to arrange nutritional food to children and pregnant women. Provide vocational training for…

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Buddha Himal Development Association

  1. P.O.Box.No:1525,Samakhusi-29, Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. +977 14365334,+977 9851197596, 9849067642

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